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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Haven't I had enough stress?

Bad news, recently my hotmail account got hacked.. and sadly they don't allow me to change email address for my blog, so I have to stick to that hacked email address if I want to login... oh well what to do? I seriously have no idea...  Wrong timing to get hacked at this time.. Quite stress out with my studies lately, 2 assignments to be completed, in which I had barely started on one of the assignments.. Lately, relationship issue was also getting into my way . and yet trying to keep up to my diet program seems to just go down the drain.. just face it, things aren't doing so well for me right now.. I just wished he'd understand what I've been going through,instead of playing tricks with my mind... Is it that fun to just say somethings that will hurt people, and after that when you ask, hey what's up with all that, whats wrong, and the reply you get was just a =).. Hadn't he realized that he's been hurting me deeply by just doing that? It  had just left me quite some thoughts to think about..I just know that, things seems to change a bit lately between us, but I just kept it inside of me.. 

My msn list is now very empty, but yet, it made me realized that, I actually didn't chat with much people on my previous msn.. Its like, you may have a list of 150-200 people on your msn, but how many of them in your list, that you had actually kept in touch with..
                            Just feeling down, down and really down..
Lonely, lonely me..

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